The Beauty of Marin

See The Light

Blackridge Artists School, Denver
Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1
$400 per student  FULL, wait list is available

The primary focus will be on how to convey the sense of strong sunlight in your paintings by identifying, clarifying and establishing proper value relationships. Exercises will be used to help strengthen these concepts. We will also work on achieving clean color in our paintings, and utilize value patterns to aid in developing successful compositions. There will be discussions on materials, scene selection and brushwork. During the workshop, I will do a demonstration painting each day, and work with students individually on their paintings throughout the rest of the day.
I will probably begin the workshop with a slide show presentation and discuss some of my recent work.
We’ll be spending about half our time in the studio, and (weather permitting) the other half, painting outdoors nearby. Indoors, we’ll be doing some exercises, as well as working from photos.  When we go outside, students usually spread out in a given area and work on their paintings, as I circulate amongst the group.
Please contact the Blackridge Artists School to sign up.
phone number: 720-800-5391